About Us:

Welcome to MedSP, a pioneering software company specializing in offering state-of-the-art SaaS platforms for the creation of advanced diagnostics mapped to precise terminologies. Established in July 2023, we are headquartered in the serene landscapes of Switzerland, reflecting a synergy of cutting-edge technology and immaculate precision inherent to our surroundings. We take immense pride in hosting our revolutionary services locally in Switzerland. At MedSP, we blend innovation, knowledge, and passion to build solutions that are transforming the future of diagnostics and healthcare technology.

Our Mission:

To empower healthcare and diagnostic professionals by providing them with intelligent and user-friendly solutions for creating structured dataset, thereby contributing to a healthier, inter-connected and more informed world.

Our Vision:

To become a primary partner in healthcare technology, creating groundbreaking solutions that enhance diagnostic accuracy, efficiency, interoperatibility and accessibility for all.

Meet the Founders:

Dr. med Guillaume Speierer - Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

Guillaume is a physician specialized in internal medicine. With a rich background in mathematics and physics, he has been a fervent enthusiast of programming and website development since the tender age of ten. His unrelenting passion for software technology has been the catalyst for the conception and initial development of our platform. Guillaume's eclectic skills are complemented by his profound knowledge of medicine and tech innovations, steering the company towards new horizons helping hospital exchanging and procucing structured datas.

Sebastien Speierer - Chief Technology Officer (CTO):

Sebastian, with a Master of Technology and Communication from EPFL, Lausanne, has engraved his name in some of the most illustrious studios, including Pixar and Weta Digital, crafting groundbreaking algorithms for rendering. Currently contributing to META, he oversees the software development and enhancement at MedSP. His refined expertise and visionary approach in technology and communication drive the seamless integration and technical prowess within our platform.

Matthieu Siffert - Chief Financial Officer (CFO):

Matthieu is our financial expert of MedSP, with a bachelor's degree in management and a Swiss Certified Public Accountant (CPA) diploma. Thanks to his experience in the auditing of major Swiss insurance and banking companies, he brings invaluable insights and robust management strategies to the table, ensuring the company's financial stability and operational efficiency. His strategic acumen and meticulous approach in management and finance fortify the company's foundations, enabling us to focus on innovation and deliver superior value to our users.